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  • Product Name:  CL-168 Image Clock
  • Item No :  CL-168
  • Time:  2010-10-15

Item no.:CL-168
Name:Image Clock

Time is an illusion,lunchtime doubly so.Douglas Adams is the measurement of time simply an arbitrary intellectual,or is there an actual something to be measured? The likes of Kant, KIRK. and The Doctor have all debated on the subject of  time, but none could escape the need to be aware of his place in it.
So, whether you think it"s imaginary. worth retrieving whales for.or chasing around rubbish-bins with plungers in,time gives us all  meaning. Without it. We couldn"t  perceive anything. How dull! What"s exciting is. You can choose
the manner with which you measure time.
It shone against the wall with huge numbers and a sweeping second hand. Nobody could deny the size of the clock face - 6 feet in diameter - projected from a tiny bullet-shaped object no bigger than a tribble. The lens turns 180 degrees so you can point it against any wall,or unsuspecting.



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