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  • Product Name:  CL-118 Projection Clock
  • Item No :  CL-118
  • Time:  2010-05-21

Item no.:CL-118
Name:Projection Clock

This projection clock or ceiling clock is an analogue clock equipped with a projection that creates an enlarged image of the clock face on any suitable projection screen, most often the ceiling or a wall.
The advantage of this projection clock is that the clock can be placed almost anywhere, even on surfaces difficult to install teaditional clocks. Using a halogen bulb. the clock projects a bright clear colour inmage, as large as 3 feet or more in diameter onto your wall or ceiling. Thia can be seen up to 15 metres in the dark or daylight. and is ideal. unless you have a room the size of a sports hall.
The Projector Wall Clock is bright enough to be seen in broad daylight.

-Requires  1 AA battery (not included)
-Approximate dimensions: 17.5x17.5x8cm

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