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  • Product Name:  CL-040 pyramid Clock
  • Item No :  CL-040
  • Time:  2010-05-21

Item no.:CL-040
Name:Bpyramid Clock

Bpyramid Clock, give you a new way to measure the time of day and night in kinetic sculptures with imaginatively turn traditional clockworks inside out.
Conventional timepieces have stationary numbers prited around a dial and hands which rotate on a movement and configure the time.
Some timepieces have no number at all,but by the position of the hands,you recognize the time.
timepieces have no numbers,and no hands,how do you tell the time?The key is to realize that the numbers themselves rotate(either on a wheel or ring) in counter-clockwise order,and the current time is read.According to their alignment,not against rotating hands but against a fixed point. Once you get the hang of this approach,you will enjoy the functional side of your  timepiece,which was designed to give creativeform to the passing of the day.


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