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  • Product Name:  USB-002 USB mini humidifier
  • Item No :  USB-002
  • Time:  2011-05-03
Item No.:-------------------USB-002
product name:---------------mini humidifier
parts included: product, color box, USB line(1.2m)
1. According to the ratio of 1:20 in water by adding radix isatidis infusion, Houttuynia cordata or disinfectant to prevent flu.
2. Add a little vinegar in the water, which can sterilize. Add some light salt to the water, which can relieve sore throat and chronic pharyngitis.
3. Add a little floral water, which can keep the mosquitoes away and ease children's nasal obstruction.
4. Place the Humidifier next to the computer, which can clear the static and reduce the radiation hazards
Please don't add essential oil to the water. The essential oil may get the humidifier damaged.
It can use 8-10 hours constantly after full of water added.
preparation before using:
1. pour some water in the cup, please note the water level.
2. take out absorbent wool and soak in the water till totally wet, and back out the absorbent cotton casing from the top.
3. put the absorbent cotton inside the casing, then back to the top.
4. check the water, don't too high.
The product must be put on a flat ground, and insert USB plug into DC jack of the ptoduct, and connect the other end of the USB to the computer.
Note: be sure USB is full charged before connecting, if not, fog won't be too much.
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