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  • Product Name:  Toy-002 Mystery UFO
  • Item No :  Toy-002
  • Time:  2010-11-09

Item no.:Toy-002
Name:Mystery UFO

Everybody has an uncle who couldn't resist showing all the kids at the dinner table how he could magically remove his thumb (it's a shame he still does it now, but then we'll always be kids in his eyes I suppose - or perhaps it's just the medication). All of us used to sit there, mouths agape, while the broccoli grew cold on the dinner plate. Now you too can be that cool, if slightly absent minded, family member, wowing all the kids at the next family shindig - but this time you can do it in style with the Mystery UFO.

The Mystery UFO will hover in between your two hands, and all by using the power of the mind! And an ultra thin strand of para-aramid synthetic fibre (aka Kevlar) with some ultra sticky putty stuck on each end. (You didn't think your uncle could really take his thumb off, did you? It's not cheating - it's an "illusion").

With some sleight of hand, and the ultra thin string positioned correctly you'll have the whole family fooled by the Mystery UFO. We tried it out on our web designer (who must be clever to design websites, right?) and he was convinced that we were using static electricity to keep the UFO flying. Round and round and round it goes, how does it fly? Nobody knows.

-A mystery UFO that will seemingly magically spin inbetween your hands without you touching it.
-Unbeknownst to on-lookers a thin strand of Kevlar, practically invisible to the unsuspecting observer, is suspending the Mystery UFO.
-Comes with 16 pieces of putty and loads of strands of para-aramid synthetic fibre (we tried to count, but there really are a lot of them).
-No batteries required.
-Suitable for ages 8 years +.
-Size:16.50×17.00×5.00 CM.

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