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  • Product Name:  STAT-1 Ant Secret Service Team
  • Item No :  STAT-1
  • Time:  2009-09-30

Item no.:STAT-1
Name:Ant Secret Service Team

Fashionable ecological toy of the world--Ant World
The originality of ecological ant workshop originates from a space experiment in which American scientists were to study the behavior of ant in the zero-gravity environment of outer space.The ecological ant workshop provides a unique man-made ecological enviroment to study ant.The transparent container os filled with dreaming gel which provides the ants with water and nutrition to keep their life.People can clearly observe how the build a 3D space tunnel.
The ants in the workshop can be caugth in the wild and purchased from us.After these ants are put in,they need to treat the container as their home,adapt to environment,elect leaders and then start working.The most exciting time for users are seeing them working.While they dig the tunnel,you will see in person the scences many people have never seen before when they work,communicate with each other,hav a rest,eat and quarrel with each other.You will get unexpected feeling at seeing each detail.The hard-working ants also show the style of giant.They can touch you and make you admire them.
Ecological ant workshop is a kind of entertainment product for white collars;a good way to improve children's observation,attention,explore the world of ant and development children's intelligent;a good partner after work or in the holiday;a good gift for families and friends.

-1 stick/1 magnifier/1 manual
-Packing size:16X5X18.5cm

Instructions for use:
-Open the cover of Ant house,and with the stick includee,make sone holes of about 25mm deep in the nutrient gelatin.The ants will crawl down these holes and begin to dig to make beautiful 3D tunnels.
-Open the cover,put in the ants and close the cover tight.Do not disturb the ants that you have just put in.The ants woll start to dig in about24 to 48 hours.If the ants do not starting digging,check that the tempreture is suitable,otherwise change the group of ants.
-Do not place the Ant house under direct sunlight.Ants prefer shade and thrive in tempreture between 10-30℃.
-The nutrient gelatin in the Ant house is specially formulated from an ocean plant.It contains all the needed nutrition and water for the more than an hour.
-After every 7-10 days,open the cover slightly while the ants are resting to provide them with fresh air.Do not leave the cover open for more than an hour.
-If there is condensation in the Ant house,wipe it with a clean cloth,or dry in the sun for a while.
-Use the magnifier to observe the 3D tunnels build by the ants and to investigate their living behaviour.


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