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-Super white jar,gold tinplate cover.
-DC mador,power 1W.
-Required 3*AA batteries.
The cheering football is a football hoop theat clips easily to any waste paper basket.
The Cheering Basketball is a Basketball hoop that clips easily to any waste paper basket. Whenever you need to throw something in the bin, will be rewarded with a satisfying cheer.
Experience the mysticism of the magic illusion which will startle and amuse you and your friends for hours.
The Mystery UFO will hover in between your two hands, and all by using the power of the mind! And an ultra thin strand of para-aramid synthetic fibre (aka Kevlar) with some ultra sticky putty stuck on each end. (You didn't think your uncle could really take his thumb off, did you? It's not cheating - it's an "illusion").
-Switch on,playing by twanging infrared ray which comes out when press any key from A-G;
-10 different songs
-sharped or flated,7 chord,minor key option at side
-with headset/stereo output
-red,blue,black 3 colors
-Make them into a cube, a pyramid, any shape you want.
-It's a great little stress buster and it's almost impossible to put down.
-Size: 18 x 9.3 x 0.7cm (in packaging)
-Color:various colors
-1 stick/1 magnifier/1 manual
-1 stick/1 magnifier/1 manual
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