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  • Product Name:  gun-08998 UV bubble gun
  • Item No :  gun-08998
  • Time:  2010-08-04

we have this super innovation in the world of bubble-blowing. Simply put, it's a gun that fires bubbles out at a fair old lick, and accompanies it with some super-cool UV lights as well. It's designed for kids, but if the giggles of glee as we sprayed showers of bubbles into a desk fan are anything to go by, adults will have a rare old time with it too.

Great for the garden and indoors as well (office workers may want to be a little cautious around their computers), it's guaranteed to brighten up the day of whoever you blow bubbles in the face of. If you look within the gun itself, you can even see the bubbles being made - perfect for young inquiring minds. If you're looking for something to muck about with in the garden or a way to delight/annoy family and friends, then the UV Bubble Gun is about the best way to manage it.

1.A bubble gun with UV lights for decoration.
2.Sprays a stream of bubbles with a pull of the trigger.
3.Lights inside the gun as well as a blue beam that illuminates the bubbles.
4.See how the bubbles are made through the see-through casing.
5.Great in the light and the dark.
6.Comes with a bottle of bubble solution that can be easily refilled.
7.Requires 3 x AA batteries (not included).
8.Suitable for ages 6 years +.

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