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  • Product Name:  toy-034 Potty Putter (bathroom golf)
  • Item No :  toy-034
  • Time:  2012-05-28

Potty Putter - The Ultimate Toilet Putting Surface.
The Potty Putter includes:
The Putting Green.
2 Golf Balls.
A Putter.
A flag stick.
"Do Not Disturb Sign" for your practice sessions.
Work on your golf stroke in privacy.
Recommnded for ages 8+.
Great gift idea for dad.
Do you need to just get away for a little while? Kids, Wife, Boss.... Golf course closed!! These dilemmas are nothing that the potty putter bathroom golf can't take care of!
Now you can practice your golf game in every trip to the restroom. Perfect for the office! You can tote this thing anywhere! Why not set it up at starbucks? Well that may be a bit overboard.... Finally
the bathroom is yours again! Improve your golf game with the bathroom golf potty putter !

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