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  • Product Name:  YH-X1X2X3X4 Automobile Expression Light
  • Item No :  YH-X1X2X3X4
  • Time:  2009-09-04

Item no:YH-X1X2X3X4

Name:automobile expression light(animation version)

The product introduction. :
Suitable for all models,and very convenient in installation and removal.Batteries drive, high brightness LED.
Infrared remote operation, do not affect a driving, add more fun
This product can display five different expressions, including thanks, sorry, back off, happy and angry.

The product specification:
-Packing outside: 20cm*17cm*8cm
-LED display lights: 17cm diameter
-Remote: 8cm diameter

The packaging components:
-1 LED display
-1 infrared remote control + 1 Angle remote control regulator (have been installed together in package)
-2 cupules
-2 fastening screw
-The fittings required: 4xAA batteries,2xAAA batteries.

[note] :
-The infrared remote transmission distance is 10 meters,between which and LED display, don't have any block.
-internal installed seismonastic switch, only in the car driving process, it will work.

The installation process:
-at first, install the battery of remote control and LED display panel.
-then fix remote control and LED display panel with cupula and fastening screws to the position you want.

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