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  • Product Name:  DY006 World Travel Adapter With USB Charger
  • Item No :  DY006
  • Time:  2010-03-07

Item no.:DY006
Name:World Travel Adapter With USB Charger

Description :
-AC Power rating 6A 250Vac, Can charge ipod 2th directly.
-USB power rating 500mA 5Vdc, energy efficient is 58%.
-With Plugs can plug into USA/Europe/Australia/United Kingdom outlets.
-With 1 universal outlet can be inserted by UK/US/EU/AU standard plugs.
-With power indicator.
-USB output voltage are 5V±5% in no load or 10Ω load when input AC 100-250Vac.
-USB output current is 450-550mA when load is 10Ω, the duration time is 4 hrs in this situation.
-USB output current is below 800mA when load is 5Ω, the duration time is 0.5hrs in this situation.
-USB output current is below 900mA when output is short, this product do not be destroyed in 30secs.
-Color:White,  Black.

-AC-AC of no voltage conversion
-No grounding
-USB for charge only
-Indoor use only


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