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Key tool material: 420c steel
1. big size screw
2. small size screw
3. cross screw
4. Flat-blade knife
Are you afraid of the important files are leaked out?How to you keep your secret? You don't need to worry about the above questions ant more! Because your good helper is coming.This scissors has unique design.The sharp serra can shred your files into granule in any moment. Does any one know your secret? None!
No more crooked cuts, Straight cuts everytime,high-quality Laser-Guided Scissor, Unique laser beam guide for accurate straight cuts by following the line projected from the onboard laser, Two adjustment screws allow you to aim the laser light perfectly, Stainless steel blades, Easy grip handles
-Perfect for gift wrapping,fabric,signs,and anything requiring a long cut
-Material:ABS and Alloy
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