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1.Attractive and delicate piano;
2.With sweet music and fascinating light;
3.Logos, photos and other patterns can be added;
4.Perfect gift to valentines.

●High quality recording
●10 seconds voice or music
●Great for language and phonic
●Size: 75×75mm
●Simply record and play operation
●Record your own 10 seconds message
●Slot any picture in plastic pocket
●Record and play up to 200 cycles
●Records a message up to 10 seconds
●Playback the message by pressing a button
●Tell lover what you shy to say face to face
●The gift which you send the lover
●Very cute and popular cartoon appearance
●High-spaced USB download, very convenient
●High-quality sound generator
●Memory capacity up to 1GB
●Menu management, easy to operate
●Record story up to 240s
●Clip the teller on story book
●Tell story automatically while opening book
●Records voice clearly and re-playbacks
●Purpose: Tell story to kids instead of Mum
Play Demonstration Songs
1.There are 6 built-in Demonstration songs in total.
2.Once the power is on, press the "Demo" button on Controller. It will automatically begin playing ist demo song. Press the 'Demo' button again, it will play next song...And repeat.
3.To stop the demo songs, just press the 'STOP'button.
Of course some of the criticism levelled at skinbashers is perfectly justified. Remember, we are talking about people who bash things with sticks. And for every Keith Moon there's always a Luke (Bros) Goss or Whatsername Corr to add impetus to the drummers are dimbos lobby. Indeed, some drummers are so inept they make the Duracell Bunny look like Buddy Rich! That's why we thought we'd whack some much needed credibility into the world of crashes, splashes, toms and flamadiddles with Rock Beat Drumsticks.
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