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  • Product Name:  XY040 Button Camera
  • Item No :  XY040
  • Time:  2009-12-23

Item no : XY040
Name : Button Camera

Applies to sites:
- Are widely used in business, lawyers, journalists, civil society under the rule of law permits evidence of record        
- support 1GB-8GB Memory card       
-video Resolution: 640x480.
-picture Resolution:1280x960
-Built-in lithium battery-powered
-Synchronous video recording;
-magnet control switcher

Small size,Portable,Concealment, and power-saving, easy to use.
It's applicable to professional  detectives, journalists, lawyers, cashiers , police officers or research companies, such as investigation and evidence collection. but also to primary learning photography enthusiasts or collectors.

-Dimension: 78mm*28mm*12mm
-Tiny size makes it ideal for a variety of uses.
-Its great for use as a hidden cam ect.
-Color video with voice, let you clearly see who is there and hear what they say.
-Place it up high or conceal it down low with building-in rechargeable battery so there is no long cord for you to hide.

Camera Technical Parameter:
-Voice recording:Yes
-Recording Mode:Continuous recording until mememory is full or manually off.
-Adaptor Type:USB adaptor charging cable
-Battery Type:Lithium-ion
-Record Time:Up to 2 hours

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