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1.Smaller than a name card;
2.With multiple functions:
3.High quality;
4.Easy to carry;
5.It can be placed into the wallet.
-Read food Temperature Instantly from rare to well done;
-Sensitive stainless tip for exactly conduct heat;
-Durable ABS plastic body;
10 in 1:Compass / thermometer / hygrometer / Magnifier / LED Light / Whistle / flint / mirror / Level / Screwdriver.
Stainless steel vehicle-carried charcoal barbecue grill.It looks like a suitcase when it is folded.
This kind of new matchstickes can be used in thousands of times.It is made of stainless s teel,waterproof,dampproof,pressure-proof,easy carrying.It can hold 2ml of Zippo fuel which can support 2000 times of ignition.Sealed by rubber ring,prevent water efficiently.Keychain design and small size make you convenient to take.
The smallest and most portable BBQ on the planet. Is this or is this not the most brilliant invention ever invented by someone who goes around inventing things? The Grilliput, is a travel BBQ that fits in your pocket! Aptly named the Grilliput, this ridiculously compact camping grill is about the cleverest piece of design we've seen in an age.
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