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1.Touch screen with Ipad shame calculator.
2.8 digital.
3.Promotional novelty calculator with large logo printing area
-8 digital calculator with purse.
-Size: 11 x 11 x 1.0 cm
-Color:Various colors.
-Battery:1 AG10 Button Battery (incluced).
Tape Measure Calculator,8 digital calculator with tape mesure.,Notebook and pen inside.
Automatic crispation is a innovative design of this novel film calculator.the concept of solar cells, water resistance,and can be worn on are also great breakthroughs.
This dual purpose pencil box calculator not only helps kids stay organized,it also features a calculator with buttons that are just the right size and colorful.It fits perfectly into any backpackor book bag.The front snaps to keep your items securely inside of the box.You can use the box for your pencils,pens,coins,eraser,small ruler,small Post-it notes,and more! Great for school and at home.
-8 digital calculator,with key chain.
-Can be used on-the-spot for grocery shopping,checkbook balancing and other quick calculations.
-8 digital display with ball pen notebook calculator
-With PU leather
-8 digital display leather wallet calculator
-Pocket calculator
-Close size:17.5*11.0*0.2cm
-Open size:8.5*11.0*1.0cm
-8-digit dual supply calculator
-Notebook, 30-page,
-70g writing paper
-Unit size:15.0 x 9.6 x 1.7cm
-15cm Ultra-Thin Solar Straightedge Calculator
-158 x 48 x 3.5mm
-8-digit display
-solar energy supply
-Calculator with 8 color adhesive sticker
-Unit size:13*10.4*2.4cm
-8 Digital Calculator
-Power: Solar
Chocolate Calculator. Please do not eat it!!
-8 Digital Waterpower Calculator
-Unit Size: 11 x 7.5 x 2.0 cm
-Power: Water Battery.
-convenient to carry,easy to use
-Environmentally-friendly solar-powered battery
8 Digital Calculator, UNIT SIZE:12*9.5*1.35cm, power:A389*1pc included.
8 digital calculator,UNIT SIZE:20*14.8*0.4CM
8 digital calculator, Unit size:19.7*14.6*0.8cm
8 digital calculator, spring balance weight up max 5KGS,
with carabiner
8 digital calculator with name card holder. power: solar power
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