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  • Product Name:  PH-818GI Phone Telephoto Lens and Tripod
  • Item No :  PH-818GI
  • Time:  2010-11-08

Item no.:PH-818GI
Name:Phone Telephoto Lens and Tripod

The camera on your cellphone is great (just like everything else on it, eh acolytes?), but when it comes to zoom, it could do with a little helping hand. Luckily, the cellphone Lens and Tripod set is here to sort out any zooming inadequacies you might have. It is, as you might well imagine, an attachment for your cellphone that allows you to zoom in with 8 x magnification. Wow!

Not only that, but you can make any 'real' photographers weep over the money they spent on their flashy tripods and accessories - this baby's loaded with gubbins to enhance your photos. A dinky tripod to get it steady, a clamp to stick the lens onto your phone in the first place and a nice cover to finish the whole package off and make your cellphone look even more camera-like than before. The lens itself has a field view of a whopping 246 meters and is fully adjustable, meaning that no matter what you're attempting to snap, it'll be brought into focus and eminent clarity.

So if that exotic bird in the distance (obviously we mean the avian kind, who do you think we are?) is proving a little too far away for your cellphone's camera to get a handle on, simply pop it on the tripod, whack on the lens and watch it come to life on your screen. An essential gadget for photography nuts and cellphone lovers alike.

-An impressive lens for your Phone.
-Allows you to zoom in on distant objects that the Phone camera can't on its own.
-Fully adjustable long focal lens with 8 x magnification.
-Minimum focus distance 3 m.
-Includes tripod for steady shooting.
-Totally portable kit.
-Angle of View (degrees):15°.
-Objective Lens Diameter:Φ18mm.
-Exit Pupil :Φ3mm.
-Eye Relief:9.6mm.
-Product Dimension Size:Φ34X72mm.
-Lens Weight (g):40g.


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