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  • Product Name:  YH-S0010 Mobilephone pendant
  • Item No :  YH-S0010
  • Time:  2009-09-04

Name :rotating mobile phone pendant

-materials: ABS
-size: 5.8cm*2.5cm
-package: Suction card packing
-weight: 23 gram
-Carton Size: 55*44*39CM
-Quantity of package: 500PCS
-Net weight: 11.5 KG
-Gross weight: 13 KG
-Doable colors: variety
-LOGO:Shapes of the dolls can be tailor-made, as far as you can afford a drawing paper.

functions of product:
-When there's an incoming call, the doll inside the product will turn dancing,accompanied by three kinds of lights.It's a new style mobile phone pendant. Colors of the flashlight can be tailor-made, like: red, yellow,blue,green, white and so on.
-Logo can be printed on the casing of the product
-There are variety kinds of mini character which lives encapsulated in its own transparent dome.

As if a little charm pet wasn't reason enough for being, the mobile phone pendant are actually practical. When your mobile phone rings or receives a message within a metre of your mobile phone pendant then the dolls inside will spin round and round and a little light will flash wildly in reaction. The perfect visual warning if your phone is on silent or you are in a noisy bar. Whether hung on your bag, your clothes, your keys or your mobile, mobile phone pendants are a must-have.

-Each mobile phone pendant character is 3D and lives in a small plastic dome.
-Your mobile phone pendant will flash and twirl when they are within one metre of an incoming call, message or email to your phone.
-Even if your phone is in your bag or is on silent, the mobile phone pendant will still respond to calls and texts.
-The mobile phone pendant will attach onto your bag, belt, keyrings and bling up your phone. Suitable for ages 8 years+. 

Please Note:
-The mobile phone pendant is compatible with GSM networks,however, they're not compatible with Three network.
-Depending on environement, the mobile phone pendant may activate while phone is not in use.
-The mobile phone pendant response frequency range of 800 - 1600 MHz (some machines may not respond).

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