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  • Product Name:  tel-8345055 Model telephone, bikini phone, innovative phone
  • Item No :  tel-8345055
  • Time:  2012-01-31

Product name: sexy model bikini telephone
Product dimension: 17.5*18*9cm
Product package: color box
Box size: 19*18.5*8cm
Product functions: voice-frequency/ impulse dial; redial the last phone.

Lovely mini telephone: we believe that many friends install a telephone in the bedroom,
now a lovely and practical phone is recommend to you! It owns all functions as other ordinary telephones,
but it is not common! Have you ever seen such an unique sexy model phone? If not, come to have a try,
you will find out many pleasure from it!

The eight reasons to fall in love with the cartoon phone:
1.It is beautiful, and we all know everyone likes beauty.
2.It is so lovely that everyone wants to possess it.
3.The phone is like a pet, but the difference is that you do not need to take care of it.
4.It is a toy you bought, but you will hear the real sound from it.
5.It is quite common to talk in front of the lovely mini phone in a coquettish manner.
6.You will become softer and tame in facing such a cartoon phone.
7.Even if you are infuriated by the person on the other end of the phone,
you will not slam down the sexy phone, so maybe its life will become much longer.
8.It can stimulate the innocence of adults.

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