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  • Product Name:  tel-3019 Hamburger Telephone
  • Item No :  tel-3019
  • Time:  2010-11-04

Item no:tel-3019
Name:Hamburger Telephone

Hamburger Telephone, realistic appearance, smart design.Allows you love it as soon as see it.

You may remember your mum telling you it was rude to talk with your mouth full, but chances are she wasn't banking on you being able to talk into your food. With this slightly ridiculous but tasty-looking Hamburger Telephone you can speak to anyone you like in the knowledge that your phone is an awful lot cooler than theirs. It works on all standard UK phone lines and is as easy as pie to set up - just unplug your existing (and rubbish in comparison) existing phone and slot in your Hamburger.

Now, we know what you're thinking, and no - it doesn't taste like a real hamburger. Nor does it leave a greasy residue on your ear or make all your phone conversations muffled by a film of mayonnaise on the receiver. That might be a disappointment to some people, but for the majority the novelty of flopping open an epic burger to take your calls will be pretty darn irresistible. A bizarre design classic.

-In color box
-Carton size: 49.5*39*41.2CM


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