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-LED Pet Collar,for your pets' safe and easy to be found
-With LED light.
-Use 2032 button battery.
Have you ever wondered what your furry little friend gets up to while you're out of the room or at work? Well now you can find out with the Pet's Eye View Camera. Just clip the lightweight digital camera to your pet's collar and you'll be able to take up to 40 photos to document their shenanigans.
Maximum night-time visibility over 1/2 mile,Protects you and your pet from on –coming traffic.Hooks to any Pet Collar, 4 Super bright protective LED lights
With LED Flasher, Keep your Pet Safe! use this electronic tag to record your pet's name, address and phone number. attach the tag to your pet's collar just in case he or she never gets lost.
Protect Your safety Pet, The Brightest Most Colorful Stylish Pet Jewelry on the Planet,Maximum night-time visibility over 1/2 mile, Protects you and your pet from on –coming traffic,Hooks to any Pet Collar,6 Super bright protective LED lights(Easy ON /Off Push Button)
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