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  • Product Name:  lantern-2 Love Heart Flying lanterns
  • Item No :  lantern-2
  • Time:  2010-09-02

Item no.:lantern-2
Name:Love Heart Flying lanterns

Gazing at the sky at night with your loved one can be terribly romantic (unless you're lost on a yacht desperately trying to figure out how to use a sextant) and now some love-struck designer has come up with a great idea for any relationship that wants something a little more enduring than fireworks. The Love Heart Lanterns are perfect for showing your other half just how much they've set your heart alight. These heart shaped flying lanterns have been constructed based on an idea first developed in 3rd Century China (flying lanterns used to be used as military signals) but you can enjoy them on the next windless night.

Once lit, the fuel block fills the canopy of your Love Heart Lantern with enough hot air to make it lift off the ground and drift through the air in a calm, serene spectacle leaving you transfixed. The lantern itself is flame proof and it's all completely biodegradable, so no need to worry about your romantic gesture crashing to the ground in flames or spending the rest of eternity on a rubbish heap. Let your love soar into the sky next Valentine's Day - who knows where it might end up?

If you're looking for something a bit less romantic (you stone hearted swine, you) then why not check out the The Flying Lanterns?


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