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-Material:Steel + Al.
-Weight (about): 22g.
-Dimension: Approx 23cm in length (handle included) and 9cm in width
-This is an octopus-shaped motorized massager made with special tipped shaped 12 flexible stainless steel fingers .
-The Ultimate Vibrating Massager for Scalp, Temples, Back and Neck .
-The maximum size of installed approximately: 38 * 38cm.
-1 set with 8 pcs.
-Lung Shape Coughing and Screaming Ashtray for helping people to quit
-Funny and novelty toy, not for children.
-Coughing sounds up when placing the cigarette on the left side.
-Screaming sounds up when placing the cigarette on the right side.
-Durable,safe,slip-resistant soles.
-Plush Velour upper.
-Therapeutic memory foam sole.
-Provides amazing comfort for sore,aching feet.
-Superb comfort for both men and women.
-Stitch Formation:Chain Stitch.
-Max. Sewing Thickness:1.5mm.
-Stitch Length:Adjustable.
Gazing at the sky at night with your loved one can be terribly romantic (unless you're lost on a yacht desperately trying to figure out how to use a sextant) and now some love-struck designer has come up with a great idea for any relationship that wants something a little more enduring than fireworks.
Black out the unwanted segments to create your own messages
It's a tool - it's useful - it solves a problem - it's truly interactive and at the same time can be decorative if desired. You only use as much of it as you really need -it's customizable - it can bind things of a completely different nature together......
Calendar Tape, you can make your calendar on it
Date: 6cm (width).
Weekday: 1.6cm (width).
Ever felt like fireworks have just got a bit same-old? These lanterns have an air of elegance and grace that no Roman Candle could possibly begin to match. Fireworks whilst fun in their own way, are very expensive, very short-lived, and are only meant to come out once a year. In contrast these 'Flying Lantern' thingies make for a long-lasting, grace filled and beautiful 'Ahhhhhhhh' moment.
Double wall's configuration!You'll never feel the heat as you're holding the mug no matter how hot the liquid inside.
-New waterproof design so you can wash the mug safe and easy.
-It is a green mug because every part of the mug is made of Eco-friendly material for the health of human being.
-Can be reused about 500 times
-5 hours continuous working time
-The battery residual quantity display
-With bag and USB cable
Novelty--fibre optic lighted shoetrings!
-Color up to 7 colors possible.
-Awesome and eye-catching,great for parties,night-jogging,safety and all kinds of night time fun!
-Can be used as necklace or bracelet,or be worn on your pet or serve any decoration idea!

1. Unique design and structure;
2. Not easy to get wet;
3. Especially for lovers and couples;
4. Logos from customers are welcomed.

1. Lifelike crocodile ashtray (can also put pens into its mouth);
2. Made of high quality material;
3. A special decoration in your office and home;
4. Perfect promotional gift.

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