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  • Product Name:  Message Tape
  • Item No :  Message Tape
  • Time:  2010-04-29

Name:Message Tape

Black out the unwanted segments to create your own messages
It's a tool - it's useful - it solves a problem - it's truly interactive and at the same time can be decorative if desired. You only use as much of it as you really need - it's customizable - it can bind things of a completely different nature together. It can also be used for heavy-duty utility applications as well as for art installations - it allows you to physically engage with the endlessly re-producible quality of digital information - and it makes whatever you have to say look more official.

Message Tape can be used to label boxes when you move house, to impress your date by re-naming entire streets after her or him within minutes, to put up efficient signage system where no printer is at hand and to teach kids how to spell, and help them to express themselves in a convenient, creative way. It works in multiple languages and therefore is culturally independent.

Here's a list of possible uses we've come up with:

sealing, labeling and decorating the outside of presents
labeling boxes when moving house
labeling packaging
temporary signage systems
labeling drawers & doors
renaming entire streets
create interactive message walls
making installation art
But why stop there? We're sure there are plenty more we haven't thought of yet!


Any other width or length can be supplied

The Pen is optional.

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