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  • Product Name:  LF-K520 Gold Carnation 24K gold foil perfect gift for mother
  • Item No :  LF-K520
  • Time:  2012-12-16

Item. No.: LF-K520
Product name: Gold Carnation 24K gold foil perfect gift for mother
Product material: 24K gold foil (petals and leaves); plastics which are plated with 24K gold (stems and branches) 
Product size: overall length is 26cm; petal diameter is 6.8cm
Product packaging: gift box.
Carnation is the flower for mothers, and it stands for the great maternal love. When we see the beautiful flower, we think of our mothers, who do anything for us and do not expect to be paid. Mothers are respectable and we hope to express the endless respect to them. So, if you can not find the right words to express your love, you just need a gold carnation!  It has been carefully selected for you, real and dazzling, dipped in rich 24K gold! We should say, that is the perfect right gift to mothers!
1.Lifelike and fascinating appearance;
2.Made of 24K gold foil;
3.Every gold art starts from handmade drawing. And, following every step including choosing, cutting, grinding, polishing, rolling, rapping, shaping and sticking, are handmade as well;
4.Color of gold stays forever: never fade and change color;
5.Packed in an advanced gift box.


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