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  • Product Name:  Calendar Tape
  • Item No :  Calendar Tape
  • Time:  2010-03-01

Name:Calendar Tape

Have you always had that niggling feeling in the back of your mind that the calendars in your life just don't quite cut it? Have you ever wondered why it is that they don't come in a handy adhesive roll to stick on anything you fancy? Well we hadn't either to be honest, until we'd seen the Calendar Tape. Now the prayers we didn't know we'd had have been answered. This bizarre but very simple concept brings together two of society's most practical inventions; the calendar, and sticky tape (which we're pretty sure hasn't happened before), merging them into one fantastically impractical but nevertheless pretty darn original design.

The concept is simple - you receive two rolls of tape, one with weekdays and the other listing the dates. All you need to do is find a clean surface and stick the two bits of tape on either side of each other, creating your very own calendar wherever you are. You don't even have to start at the beginning of the month. Just choose where you want to be on the sticky tape and stick away. If you get bored of it, well, it makes great parcel tape and it will give the postie something to talk about.

not actually everlasting - that would be one really big roll.

Multi-functional sticky tape that works as a calendar, diary, organiser and planner.
It's also pretty useful as emergency sticky tape.
Easily create each month in any day and date combination by using the two separate rolls and sticking them next to each other.
Includes one roll of days, one roll of dates and a permanent marker pen.
Suitable for ages 8 years+.

Date: 6cm (width).
Weekday: 1.6cm (width).

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