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Two mode:with music,without music
Product size:8X7.5X13.5 cm
Packing:in color box
-Product size:8*7.5*13.5cm, a good decoration of your desk
Product size:8x7.5x13.5CM , a good decoration of your desk
Product size:8x7.5x13.5CM. a good decoration of your desk
Product size:8x7.5x13.5CM, a good decoration of your room
Product size:8x7.5x13.5CM CM, a good decoration of your room
The Newtons Cradle works as follows, if you pull one ball back and release it the energy is transmitted through the 3 static balls and the last ball then swings out then back again. If you pull two balls back and release them then the last two balls swing out, etc
Newton's Cradle is a device that demonstrates the conservation of momentum and energy.It is also known as an executive ball clicker.If you pull back two balls and let them strike the others,two balls are knocked from the other end and all the other balls remain nearly at rest.
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