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  • Product Name:  kc-hlcc04 Can Crusher
  • Item No :  kc-hlcc04
  • Time:  2010-07-24

The Can Crusher is an excellent piece of practical fun. Re-cycling cans is important, but can end up with you carting around bulging bin bags of dribbling clattering cans. Well, not any more - now with a simple and deeply satisfying pull on the Can Crusher, your bulky can gets well and truly mashed.

The Can Crusher is a simple but effective wall-mounted device; just place your empty can on the crusher shelf and pull down the soft grip handle hey presto, you've reduced your cans to about 1/5 of their original size, and it even comes with an in-built bottle opener. Make re-cycling fun.

This crusher is ideal for squishing soft drink cans, and is best not used for tins (for example, baked bean tins). Please use carefully and ensure the can is empty to avoid splashes.

1.Wall mounted
2.Easy to use
3.Bottle opener
4.Comes with screws for fixing to walls
5.The crusher is only suitable for aluminium cans and cans that are up to 7.5cm wide and 16.5cm tall
6.Size: 33 x 10.5x8cm

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