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  • Product Name:  kc-01 Bespoke BBQ branding tool
  • Item No :  kc-01
  • Time:  2010-07-25

If you're having a barbecue, there's little more annoying than someone nabbing that big juicy burger you had your eye on. Any subsequent violence visited on that person in an attempt to reclaim said burger is, whilst justified, unlikely to endear you to friends and family, so take matters into your own hands with the Bespoke BBQ Branding Tool. This excellent excuse to poke around in a fire allows you to get your name on that precious chunk of meat that you so brazenly desire.

Simply load up the tool with whichever letters form your name (or message, if you fancy putting a haiku on your chicken drumstick), stick the end of the tool in the hot barbecue (very carefully, please) and then plonk it on your chosen meatstuff. Yum! You can even use it on tofu if you're so inclined, but you might want to give it a wash after the carnivores have had their way with it. The Bespoke BBQ Branding Tool is the only thing you need to make sure you get the burger with your name on it.

1.The BBQ Branding Tool allows you to put your stamp on your BBQ meat.
2.Comes with all the letters of the alphabet, ready for you to arrange on the tool.
3.Stamp by heating the tool on the BBQ and then placing it on your chosen piece of meat.
4.Also works with tofu (we draw the line at pets and friends).
5.No tools needed. Just meat.
6.Great fun for summer barbecues.
7.Easy to assemble.
8.Caution: tool can become very hot.
9.Keep wooden handles away from flame.
10.Hand-wash only.
11.Please Note: We know you can't actually brand the phrase "For Pete's Steak" unless you buy two sets - we just can't resist a top-quality pun.


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