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1.Product material:ABS+ stainless steel (inner)
2.Product weight:263.7g
3.Cup diameter:8.3cm
4.Cup height:14.6cm
5.Product package:color box
1.Product material:ABS,silica gel,stainless steel
2.Product weight:270g
3.Cup diameter:11cm
4.Cup height:15.8cm
5.Product package:color box
1.Product material: stainless steel
2.Product specification: 5.8x2x0.8cm
3.Product package: box
4.QTY/CTN: 1000PCS
5.Carton size: 25x22x30cm
1.bottle opener
2.bear bottle opener
1.bottle opener.
2.bear bottle opener.
3.chain bottle opener
1.bottle opener.
2.bear bottle opener
-Round shape.
-Merry Christmas Bottle Opener :will sing a merry christmas songs every time when use it to open bottle.
-Happy Halloween bottle opener:you will heard a terribly laugh of ghosts every time when use it to open bottle.
-Electric power:Auto shut-off;
-With liquid crystal display on screen and beep sound;
-Great for beef, lamb, pork, chicken, turkey indoor cooking and outdoor grilling;
-Rubberized grip;
-With readable air temperature;
-Aluminium body, plastic handle.
-With a quick press slicer and a plastic scoop a recipe.
-Setup Size:380*180*70mm.
A snake charmer, a wine buff and a welder go into a bar - the rest is history. The Chain Wine Bottle Holder is a gravity defying eye catcher, and a great way to show off your vino and get people going 'Ooooh' and 'Ahhhh' and very possibly 'Huh?' Made from welded chain links and cleverly designed so as to balance perfectly when you add your wine bottle of choice, it's like having a piece of installation art on your dining table.
Eating pineapple makes you happy, but peeling it often doesn't - which is why the supermarkets make such a killing selling a few cubes of not-so-fresh pre-sliced pineapple for more than the cost of a whole one. This puppy not only makes peeling a pineapple super fast and super easy, it?s also fun. Cut off the top and screw this gizmo through the pineapple, then pull. Hey presto, perfectly peeled and cored pineapple rings, and as a bonus you?re left with a pineapple shaped fruit bowl. Sheer brilliance.
1.The BBQ Branding Tool allows you to put your stamp on your BBQ meat.
2.Comes with all the letters of the alphabet, ready for you to arrange on the tool.
3.Stamp by heating the tool on the BBQ and then placing it on your chosen piece of meat.
4.Also works with tofu (we draw the line at pets and friends).
5.Great fun for summer barbecues.
The Can Crusher is a simple but effective wall-mounted device; just place your empty can on the crusher shelf and pull down the soft grip handle hey presto, you've reduced your cans to about 1/5 of their original size, and it even comes with an in-built bottle opener. Make re-cycling fun.
If you are a fever fan of computer,you never miss this cute cup----Keyboard Button Cup!It's funny and suitable for IT professionals .This special cups are one set of three cup,Ctrl、Alt and Del.
Lugging around a cooler can be a chore. This nifty inflatable beer bucket weighs peanuts, inflates in a matter of moments, and will hold up to 24 large cans, 30 regular cans, or 8 bottles of wine. Whether it's a picnic in the park, or a chill out session on the beach, the Inflatable Beer Bucket will keep your booze nicely chilled, and hold enough for a very liquid lunch
-Scope of tempreture:2-24 Celsius degree,could also be Fahrenheit degree version
-No batteries required,Unbreakable and reusable
-Ideal for different kinds of wine,such as white wines,rose wines,or champagne
-Ideal bottle opener for licking your cool beer bottle
-While you put the ring in your finger,you can lick the beer cap easily and comfortablely
A modern design. It looks exactly like a standard door key but the action end is a bottle opener that will never leave your side (as long as you don't loose your keys!).
Talking bottle opener,When you open beer and cola bottle caps,at the same time,the good issued beautiful sound
Password lock for your alcohol bottle, Keep thirsty thieves at bay
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