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  • Product Name:  KC-E1102 Large candy automatic dispenser (motion activated)
  • Item No :  KC-E1102
  • Time:  2012-11-06

Item. No.: KC-E1102
Product name: Large candy automatic dispenser (motion activated)
Product weight: 1.6kg
Product size: 22*22*29.1cm
Product packaging: color box
Box size: 24.8*24.6*31cm
Carton size: 51*50.7*33.7cm

A miraculous candy dispenser comes out! It will dispense your sweet or savory, straight into your hand via the motion activated sensor. All you have to do is put your hand under the chute, the sensor will detect your hand and it will release treats straight into it. No button pressing or fiddly access, dispensing straight into your hand without having to touch anything is easy and slightly addictive!

So as not to be greedy, as we could easily scoff the lot, there are 3 settings to control how much are dispensed. The portion sizes are a small or large handful and a bowlful when the attack of the munchies strikes. This is one adorable, retro sweets dispenser that will be hard to stay away from... go on we dare you!
1. Motion activated gadget dispenses straight into your hand
2. 3 settings giving you the choice of a small, large handful or bowl sized serving
3. Refillable - choose your favorite sweet or savory, the choice is yours!
4. Take apart for easy cleaning

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