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  • Product Name:  icetray-11 block puzzle game Cube Puzzle Tray
  • Item No :  icetray-11
  • Time:  2010-07-31

Item no.:icetray-11
Name:block puzzle game Ice Cube Puzzle Tray

Everyone loves block puzzle game. And everyone has played all the different clones of it too. Well, this is a clone of a clone married after it has been hit my mutagenic radiation. What? It's this Ice Cube Puzzle Tray - the only ice cube tray that makes special puzzle shaped pieces which you can use to play a chilly version of the old classic. Really the uses are endless.

You could use this one to chill your drinks to have the geekiest parties around. You could use them to make tons of ice cubes and have one really cold, really melty game with your friends. Or, you could take them and someone you really care about and have one really naughty game of . . . well, you know. See, there's nothing these ice cubes can't make geekier!

-Create ice cubes in the shapes of your favorite block puzzle game 。
-Temperature extremes from minus 40 degree to 230 degree.
-Durable,non-stick finish and dishwasher safe.
-Made of flexible, food grade silicone .
-Each tray makes 12 cubes.
-Size:19 X 12 X 2 cm

-120pcs per ctn
-ctn size: 52 X 42 X 34cm
-N.W: 12kgs

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