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1. Create ice cubes in the shapes of M.
2. Temperature range is from minus 40 degrees to 230 degrees.
3. Durable, non-sticky finish and safe.
4. Made of flexible silicone.
5. Different colors and styles are for your selection.
6. The models and designs from customers are acceptable.
-Create ice cubes in the shapes of X'mas Tree.
-Temperature extremes from minus 40 degree to 230 degree.
-Durable,non-stick finish and dishwasher safe.
-Create ice cubes in the shapes of fish bone.
-Temperature extremes from minus 40 degree to 230 degree.
-Durable,non-stick finish and dishwasher safe.
Set of 3 silicone rubber ice cube trays. Float subtle messages in your friends' drinks or - if you are feeling really creative - go crazy and make letters out of jelly or butter! Or just use them to keep your gin and tonic frosty cold - that's what we do with 'em!
Everyone loves block puzzle game. And everyone has played all the different clones of it too. Well, this is a clone of a clone married after it has been hit my mutagenic radiation. What? It's the block puzzle game Ice Cube Puzzle Tray - the only ice cube tray that makes special puzzle shaped pieces which you can use to play a chilly version of the old classic. Really the uses are endless.
The funny thing about the product is that it freezes water into ice cubes which are shaped like the much loved building blocks we grew up on. You could go ahead and build an ice tower or a weapon of your choice and watch your creation melt in the heat of afternoon sun.
We all remember the first time we were at our grandparents and saw their dentures floating in the glass with the fizzy tablets on the shelf by the sink in the bathroom, now with Frozen Smiles it's much more acceptable to pass your guests a glass with some frozen dentures in them.
Silicone Ice Tray - Bone Chillers,Size: 20.8x10.8x2cm
Silicone Ice Cube Tray - mug,
1) Made of 100% Silicone Material;
2) Durable, non-Stick finish and Dishwasher Safe;
3) Temperature extremes from -40℃ to 230℃;
4) Different color and types are available;
5) customers’ designs are welcome;
6) FDA and LFGB certificate.
Silicone Ice Tray - Titanic,A mould to create 8 ice cubes.4 cubes are shaped like the doomed Titanic, the other 4 are shaped like the infamous iceberg that ruined the ship's maiden voyage.
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