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-Easy to take shoes into the shoe rack.
-Free to rotate.
-4 colors:pink/silver/white/black.
-With 16 hooks.
-Material:High density fiberboard + paint.
If you're looking for an inventive way to light up the garden or generally create some lovely mood lighting, then your best bet is to get some of these Candle Bags. Quite simply, they look like paper bags with pretty holes and candles in but, crucially, won't catch fire and turn the azaleas into a minor environmental disaster zone because they're made of a flame retardant material.
-With light change effects
-Main body color: silver
-Operated by adaptor or USB (include)
-With 4 small jellyfish and 4 small jellyfish and 4 medium
-With 24 LED lights
-Life like jellyfish movement
-With 2 small jellyfish and LED lights
-Operated by 2x"C" Batteries(not include)
-With 12 LED lights,5 color light changing effects
-With auto-off function after 4 hours operation
-With quiet motor
-Operated by adaptor(include)
Your feast on the beautiful eco-jellyfish scene.And you can take from the jellyfish tank;colorful jellyfish are relaxing and swimming leisurely!
-With 2pcs space ship and 2pcs aliens
-With 3 LED light
-Main body color:silver
-With 2pcs jelly fishes and 4 small fishes
-Main body color:silver
-X'mas floating parts and balls included
-With light change effects
-Snow coming out of X'mas tree simulating snow falling effects
-Transparent background with light change effects
-Balls flowing out of the volcano simulating eruption of real volcano
-With light change effects
This Metal Pin Art is a classic desk toy with high quality shiny metal pins. It's a fun way to pass the time away in the office! You can create whatever art you want by pushing objects into the Pin Art. The pins will stay in place leaving an image of the object in the pins. You can make a pin impression of your hand or face or capture the image of your favourite toy or pen.
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