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  • Product Name:  LF-S220 Smart Garden
  • Item No :  LF-S220
  • Time:  2011-06-14

Item no.:LF-S220
Name:Smart Garden

Now the family vegetable gardening has become a fashion,people more eager to an plant equipment that is environmental health, beautiful and elegant, easy to apply,
and benefit the health.
Smart Garden,Break through the traditional concepts and integrate of high-tech,delicate transparent,save water and fertilizer,environmental health,controlled light,can be fish tank.
It overcomes the shortcomings of the traditional flower pots,improve the survival rate of flowers and the ornamental value.
Brings a fresh and comfortable living and working environment to you.

-Can be a flower pot,also can be a fish tank.
-Nutrient solution makes color of water like lake,crystal clear.
-With 7 mini train block,reasonable distance,ensure that the mini garden is lush.
-Intelligent control of the whole process,no need for planting experience and technology.
-As you like all year around,cultivate various plants.
-florescence is up to 4 weeks,plants of 4 months continuous growth.
-Ensure adequate light.
-Voltage 220V,12VDC circulatory system power supply,safe and reliable.
-Size:Diameter 40cm, high 60cm.

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