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  • Product Name:  LF-N208A Air Purification Disinfection
  • Item No :  LF-N208A
  • Time:  2012-10-31

Product Details:
Item No.:
Name:Indoor Air Cleaner
product size:24.5*12.5*17.7cm
Packing:color box
Carton size:50.5*44.6*58.8cm
1.Strongly active carbon HEPA filter: concertratedly and effectively filter many kinds of   mote in air and can clearly die off the suspended grain to the 0.03 micron.
2.Ozone sterilization:high technology produced O3 can clear up the bad   smell,sterilize,prevent from illness, die off many kinds of respiratory infectious bug   and decompose organic gas.
3.Nanometer light-accelerant air purification:use advanced Tio2 light accelerant,faster   and more completely decompose harmful volatile organic compounds inside the car,such as   formaldehyde,ammonia,benzene,TVOC,deodorize unpleasant smell of cigarette smoke,alcohol   and food.
4.Negative oxygen ion air purification:produced oxygen ion creates the atmosphere of   forest which can ease the tension, and die off the harmful substances in air as well.
5.Sterilization and decomposing:using the ozone patent technology,the produced O3 is   inserted the water and make ozone water, which can decompose pesticide and sterilize the   living things.
6.Beautiful looking and strong function:it has the beautiful looking matched to the   furniture and kitchen tools.In addition, it can be added perfume and more romances.


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