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  • Product Name:  HTCD Magic Egg
  • Item No :  HTCD
  • Time:  2009-11-16

Item no:HTCD


Magic Egg:
Never before in the world!Amazing magic egg that sprouts a plant with a message.It is use the special technique,laser carving.To carve the wording as "I love you","happy birthday","merry christmas"..Etc.Just open the can and pour water!Bean will be out of the egg and germinate about 7-15 days.This gift will be sure to imprise and catch the eye if everyone.It comes with your choice of messages:"I love you",:happy birthday","good luck" and "thank you".Message can be changed on request.It will say"i love you""good luck""thank you" and "happy birthday" shen it germinates.Simply open the can and water,you will be amazed to see the message develop sa the bean grows.This makes a great novelty gift item for holiday or your loved ones.

Key point of planning:
-Break the top of egg with a scoop.
-place the magic egg in the center of the special magic bean soil,with the underside(black line)facing downward.
-Water once every 2 days,taking care not to over water,soil should be damp,not wet.It is better to underwater than overwater your magic bean.
-Place in ventilated environment with room temperature ranging from 18--35 degrees.
-Your magic bean will apper in approximately 7--14 days,but be just a little bit patient,it is worth the wait!


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