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  • Product Name:  LF-922006 Electronic Firefly and Glass Jar
  • Item No :  LF-922006
  • Time:  2012-05-10

Product details:
Item. No.: LF-922006
Dimensions: approx: 6.75*3.5*3.5 inch
Batteries: 3*AAA (included).

Product description:
It is a warm summer's night and the sun has just crept down below the horizon, finally going to sleep. But the world is still ablaze with light, as stars twinkle overhead. And on the ground, a different kind of magic appears. Golden flecks of light flash and float around. Fairies? Maybe some of them, but most are fireflies. Catching them in jars is mean, as they don't last long. Time to bring the magic of fireflies into your home (without inviting the Firefly Grim Reaper) with an Electronic Firefly in a Jar.

Each Electronic Firefly in a Jar is loaded with magic. Tap the jar and your firefly will flutter around. Sometimes flashing when it flies, sometimes landing first and then flickering. It looks so real, especially in dim light. And guess what? You can even use your Electronic Firefly in a Jar as a real firefly collector. Just plop one on the ground outside at dusk and watch what happens. We're pretty sure you'll see the same thing we did: real fireflies coming to talk to your Electronic Firefly in a Jar. Ok, it's really probably to mate, but "talk" just sounds more family friendly.

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