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  • Product Name:  LF-003 Money Maze
  • Item No :  LF-003
  • Time:  2010-09-16

Item no.:LF-003
Name:Money Maze

Clearly infuriating, the Money Maze was evidently designed by a sadist, or a genius - possibly both. The transparent cube is a devious puzzle and money box (for those with poor self-control), all rolled onto one. A slot on the outside allows you to pop in your cash, and the internal maze then stops you getting your sticky fingers on it in a hurry - so it makes saving your cash a great deal easier than spending it, which is good. All you have to do to crack this beast open, is tilt the cube around so that the ball bearing inside the maze clicks open a special catch that will open the door and release your dosh. Oh if only it were that simple. The Maze looks like it really shouldn't be too much of a challenge to crack, we're all intelligent people after all, but there are numerous dead ends and false leads to confuse the heck out of you. Not only is it a rather chic looking money box, but it's also a fiendishly compelling puzzle, making it two great presents in one.

-Internal capacity: about 7.5 * 7.5 * 7.5CM
-A moneybox that really makes you work for your money.
-An easy depositing slot for your cash.
-A maze to negotiate before making your withdrawal.
-Tilt the maze to move your ball bearing around to reach the release mechanism.
-Made from hard clear plastic.
-Estimated to accommodate about 50 coins .
-Maze opening requires patience, the fast 3 minutes for the first time can be opened, while more than 5 minutes before being slowly opened, skilled can be opened after about 1 minute.
-The top of Maze is with a diameter 5.5CM dome, pushing the ball to finish going around the maze,this lid can be opened.
-Central of the dome is with a 4.5cm long slit,you can put coins,papers,notes into maze under the situation of without opening the dome.

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