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  • Product Name:  LF-CO12A Compressor Beer Cooler
  • Item No :  LF-CO12A
  • Time:  2012-12-17

Item no.:CO12A
Name:Compressor Beer Cooler

-This wonderful device combines Cooling and Tapping functions, helps you enjoy your favorite cool beer by self-tapping at home.
-More than 130 labels of beer kegs from 4-6 liters are suitable to use with this device.

-Net Weight:12.5 kg (without keg)
-Coolant:R600a (11g)
-Materials:Hoses: silicon
           Keg Adapters: Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene(ABS)
-Voltage:220-240V AC
-Power Input:110W, 0.65A
-Temperature Range:1-10℃(adjustable)
-Cooling Speed:Cooling down 5-liter beer from 25℃ to 3℃ in about 5 hours
-Climate Class:SN, N
-Pump Capacity:3 liters per minute
-Pump Pressure:1.0 bar
-Usable kegs:4-liter pressure keg
             5-litre tap keg
             5-litre draught keg (like Heineken)
             6-litre juice keg (optional & supply by the supplier)

-Do not leave the device unattended, and do not use it if children or persons who cannot assess the hazards are in the vicinity.
-Children or persons who cannot assess the potential hazards should not use the device. Keep it out of their reach.
-Alcoholic beverages are harmful for children.
-Packaging material should not be used to play with. There is a danger of suffocation.

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