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  • Product Name:  bath-02 bath caddy
  • Item No :  bath-02
  • Time:  2010-07-25

Sinking into a sea of scented bubbles is one of life's little heavens. That is, until you inadvertently double the size of your book by dropping it in the bath. The Bath Caddy puts paid to that damp fumbling, book-juggling nightmare.

Now you can languish for hours in self-indulgent bliss, your book held for you in a secure holder (with adjustable tilt - oo-er), a glass of wine (or two!) popped into the swivelling wine glass holder, and all of it lit by the warm glow of a candle. If you're a master of hot tap toe-control then you may never leave the bath again.

1.Candle holder (detachable)
2.one or two wine glass holders (detachable, optional)
3.Book stand (detachable)
4.Three built-in compartments (one large and two smaller sized ones)
5.All made of polished metal, with the handles coated in soft white rubber to prevent scratching
6.Handles extend to maximum of roughly 110cm in length for a perfect fit whether in your bath or canoe
7.Please note that this works best with free-standing baths, ie where the caddy can grip both sides
8.the max length 1100mm,the mix length 695mm  

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