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  • Product Name:  HY89C LED Sprinkler
  • Item No :  HY89C
  • Time:  2009-09-08

Item No: HY89C
Name: LED Sprinkler

-Sprinkler lights up jets of water using the multi-colourde LED and visually indicates the water tempreture by the color.The water flow will turn Green if the water tempreture is under 32,turn Blue if the water tempreture is between 33 to 41,turn Red if the water tempreture is between 42 to 45,Red light flicker if the water tempreture is over 45.
-shower hand zinc alloy.
-The Sprinkler handle connects directly into your Sprinkler pipe.
-Color changes according to the tempreture of the water running through it.
-LED Sprinkler changes the color of the water coming out using built-in   LED's
-Low flow,water conservation with a unique fun&soothing experience.
-color of LED light: green/blue/red


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