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  • Product Name:  hb-306 UV Bracelet Watch tester
  • Item No :  hb-306
  • Time:  2010-05-30

Item no.:hb-306   
Name:UV Bracelet Watch

This UV bracelet with 3D effect, have clock form. The central part is made in photosensitive material and change the colour with the intensity of the UV radiation;

In order to know the UV index, will be enough if you compare the colour that are in the central part of the quadrant  with the 4 colours that are around;

The 4 colours indicator go from the clearest to the darkest in function  of the minus or greater intensity of UV rays:
-Feeble intensity : UV index 1-2  (The protection is not necessary);
-Mid intensity: UV index 3-5 (is necessary the protection: put a t-shirt, sun glasses, hat and  sun protection);
-High intensity: UV index  6-7 (is necessary the protection: Put a t-shirt, sun glasses, hat, sun protection);
-Very high / Extreme intensity: UV index  8-9-10 / 11 + (avoid to be outdoors).

-Product Material: Color Changing PVC


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