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  • Product Name:  hb-2009 Digital Body Fat Analyzer
  • Item No :  hb-2009
  • Time:  2010-05-30

Item no.: hb-2009
Name:Digital Body Fat Analyzer

Now there are more and more obese people !Excessive "fat" can induce high blood pressure, fat metabolism abnormality, pulmonary dysfunction, cancer, gynecological disorders, etc.
Therefore,it is very important to understand their own procedures and control of obesity!
New Health care product----Body Fat Analyzer can help you know whether your fat degree is excessive,whether your weight reducing exercise is work.

Body Fat analyzer is a high-tech health care equipment, it is a body fat measuring device by biological impedance method.

-BMI body fat analyzer and health management system
-Measure the body fat content with the biological resistance value
-Can store the parameter of height,weight,age,and sex
-Display basal metabolism value
-Display in five obesity types:emaciated,standand,hide corpulent,muscle corpulent and corpulent
-Store 9 groups of parameters
-Display correct results in 6 seconds
-Portable and convenient
-The result will be display as an number in the LCD of the calculator
-Packing size:24.5*17.2*5.3cm


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