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  • Product Name:  868NC wrist Ball with LED and COUNTER
  • Item No :  868NC
  • Time:  2010-07-19

Item No.: 868NC
Product name:Wrist ball with LED and COUNTER


THEORY:It is application by centrifugal force & inertia like a gyroscope.
DYNAMIC:There is no any battery or electricity inside the device, it is powered by rotating the wrist, and the speed of rotation can reach over 12000 R.P.M

-Perfect exercise gadget for sports like golf,tennis,squash,cricket,baseball,bowling,basket ball,motocross,mountain climbing.
-Increase strength in fingers, wrists,hands,forearms,biceps,triceps,ligament and shoulders.
-Great benefit for musicians,guitarists, pianists,drummers.
-Rehabilitates sore muscles and joints.

-How to start
Press the button ON/CLR to start the operation, if hold it 2 seconds the records will be deleted.
-Total accumulated revolutions
Press the bottom FCN to select the The first symbol, it will calculated the accumulated rotor revolutions during a session and record, each 100 rotations as one unit, for example 8650 revolutions will display as 86.
-Real time revolutions
Press the FCN to select the The sec symbol, this counter setting allows real time monitoring of the rotor RPM speed.
-The highest RPM
Press the FCN to select The third  symbol, while the rotor is stationary, this counter setting will automatically display the highest RPM ever achieved on the ball, once the rotor is in motion however, the mode automatically change to the () setting, this will effectively record the highest score achieved during the current session, if this is a higher score than the current record held in the counter memory, the display will flash and the new record will automatically overwrite the old high score once the rotor stops turning, if this score is lower than the current high score in the counter memory, then it will remain on the display until the rotor stops and revert back to () mode once again.
-The physical strength index
Press the FCN button to select the fourth symbol, this setting will begin to record the number of the actual revolutions made during the 30.60.90 second interval immediately after the rotor is set in motion, the display begins counting down and continues until the last 5 seconds, whereby the accumulated revs will appear, this is a superb test of your strength as you need to keep the rotor spinning at the highest possible revs for a period of 30.60.90 seconds in order to achieve a maximum score.
Remark: the counter setting will shut off automatically if there is no any movement within 40 seconds.

-Do not drop the ball on hard surface at any time , the heavy rotor will damage.
-Do not touch the ball rotor when it is spinning at high speeds,it will burn.
-Do not use this product persons who with heart conditions of any description.
-It is recommended strongly those children under 12 are supervised by an adult.
-Keep the inner parts of the abll clean and avoid any oil contamination.
-Keep away from dust and damp.

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