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  • Product Name:  NOTEBOOK-A8 Laptop Desk
  • Item No :  NOTEBOOK-A8
  • Time:  2011-04-19

Item no.:NOTEBOOK-A8
Name:Laptop Desk

It's a smartly designed, highly human-oriented laptop desk.
Powerful and flexible, it's suitable to different kinds of situations and for different purposes.
In someway, you can call it a mini transformer.
-Situations suitable:bed、sofa、desk、carpet、lawn
-Usage suitable:laptop desk、mini desk、palette、flower shelf
-Apply to:Adults、kids

Wxterior technics:frosting oxidation
Folded size :560*285 mm
Panel (L*W) :450*285 mm
Tube length :300mm  
Weight :2.1 kg
Laptop suitable :17'' or smaller .
Max weight bearing :15 kg
Height range :560mm 
Angle range angle:360
Material and bearing:
1) Plate & legs :Aluminum alloy(oxidation)
2) Joints:ABS
3) Skidproof parts:skidproof veins + silica gel
4) Bearing:15Kg
5) USB fan + 2.0 USB HUB
-Popular, comfortable and portable. The tables are light, strong with perfect compact design.
-Auto-lock joint design. The special joint can be adjusted to variable angles and to fit all your favorite positions.
-Made by aluminum alloy. Selected material with fine design can keep the tabletop from out of shape and it is also  provides your computer better air flow .
-Creative design. Multifunctional table can organize your working space better .
-Portable and folding.Light enough to carry around easily and perfect for traveling.
-2-layer aluminium alloy panel, both sides could be used. High intensity; conducting heat easily.
-soft silica rubber pad attached, which could relieve your wrists fatigue and make you feel comfortable.    
-suitable for 17' or smaller laptop computer.

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