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  • Product Name:  COM-2000 106-key Flexible Keyboard with Full Sealed Touchpad
  • Item No :  COM-2000
  • Time:  2010-10-29

Item no.:COM-2000
Name:106-key Flexible Keyboard with Full Sealed Touchpad

-106-key Flexible Keyboard with Full Sealed Touchpad.
-With full sealed touchpad mouse function .
-Sensitive mouse function.
-Totally full sealed, waterproof .
-Roll up Keyboard Material .
-Made in silicone, environmentally protective and ideal for resistance against drink or food spillage's at home or at work .
-Roll Keyboard Availability .
-Any layouts are available .
-Foldable keyboard Compact .
-The ability to roll up the keyboard makes it one of the most space saving computer peripherals on the market today.
-Flexible Keyboard .
-The colorfast printed letters won't come off even after long periods of time. No noise while typing .
-Harmless to the human body with excellent softness .
-Portable with the proper size to fold or roll .
-Resistance to the water or dust .
-Easy to work for its round shape design .
-Excellent and various in colors for our foldable keyboard .

-Compatibility: IBM AT, Windows98/2000/XP
-Roll up Keyboard Communication: PS2, USB
-Any color is available with silicone keyboard
-Layout: 106keys waterproof keyboard
-Size: 455 x 140 x 9mm
-Net Weight: 280g
-Electronic data: +5V DC ±% 250mA
-Total travel: 2mm±4

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