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  • Product Name:  COM-001 Glowing Keyboard Stickers
  • Item No :  COM-001
  • Time:  2010-11-08

Item no.:COM-001
Name:Glowing Keyboard Stickers

Your keyboard doesn't light up - so what? Just apply these durable stickers and your keyboard will look like it does. This highly reflective stickers use ambient light (like your monitor) to "light up" the keys.
The Glowing Keyboard Stickers do not glow in the dark. Instead, they are made of a high quality fluorescent print that reflects any ambient source of light - even the dimmest light source! Like your desktop or laptop's monitor, or a small USB light. Sure they take a little while to put on, but not that long. And once you can type better in the dark, you'll be a happy monkey, too. 'But how do we know they really work?' you ask. Well, that's easy. The proof that the Glowing Keyboard Stickers really work is all the words you just read above. This product description was written in the dark on that very same laptop mentioned in the first paragraph - surprise twist ending!

-High quality fluorescent print reflects any ambient source.
-Eases eye fatigue while typing in low-light levels.
-Matte surface that is pleasant to touch.
-Easy to apply - just peel and stick (yet allows for a clean full removal with no sticky residue).
-Can be trimmed to fit non-standard keyboards.
-Dimensions: (full sticker sheet):11.5*19CM.

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