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  • Product Name:  LMM LED Motion Mirror
  • Item No :  LMM
  • Time:  2009-09-22

Item no.:LMM
Name:LED Motion Mirror

-There is has 4-8 images advertisement repeat displayed.
-Adopt high-quality heavy-duty aluminum for frame.The Frame is strengthening designed to resist shock and beautiful appearance.
-It can be fast opened,interlink frame width 40mm & thin 50mm.
-Advanced optical light panel is used for even illumination.Easy artwork change and installation.
-Using digital electronic ballast and high quality illumination.
-Conservation of energy.Energy conserve over 65% compared to trditional one.
-Application interior decoration,chain operation store,company signboard,commercial centre,supermarket,airport,station,subway,bank,bus station,large exhibition projectetc.

-Item LMM-100A: Size(H×W):1000mm×700mm
                                Visual Size(H×W):920mm×620mm
                                Picture Size(H×W):297mm×210mm (A4)
                                Quantity Frame:6 * A4 Aluminium 
-Item LMM-100B: Size(H×W):1000mm×700mm
                                Visual Size(H×W):920mm×620mm
                                Picture Size(H×W):420mm×297mm (A3)
                                Quantity Frame:4 * A3 Aluminium

-Item LMM-105A: Size(H×W):850mm×1050mm
                                Visual Size(H×W):770mm×970mm
                                Picture Size(H×W):297mm×210mm(A4)
                                Quantity Frame:8 * A4 Aluminium   
-Item LMM-105B: Size(H×W):850mm×1050mm
                                Visual Size(H×W):770mm×970mm
                                Picture Size(H×W):297mm×420mm(A3)
                                Quantity Frame:4 * A3 Aluminium 



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